Hardcore Princess

One of those days where being a sex worker is fucking awful. I am so done right now.

Anonymous said: What does your Thu'um say around your imperial dragon? Frankly its driving me nuts i can't decode it

"Animal ghost, defeat the darkness of evil and do not fear these men."

rickzilla said: Whos your favorite pokemon??

Espeon, duh! (okay maybe it’s not obvious, but that’s the whole reason my model name is Espi)

From the Cradle Deep

So, I made a Blogspot, as promised, for a new story. Obviously, it’s blank right now, but I’ll probably post the first entry today.

Please keep in mind a few things: This is fictional. Not a real blog. Not a real person. It’s solely a story I’m writing through the use of blog posts. I’m not going to constantly update on my Tumblr whenever I make a new post. I want to distance myself from it as much as possible after this initial post to make it seem more realistic. So I’m leaving it up to you guys to check for updates. (Sorry!) I fear that if I connect it too much to my actual self, it will lose the flair of what I’m doing. And, of course, it’s going to be horror. There’s a strong chance it will contain: gore, violence, rape, domestic abuse, child abuse, etc. Please please PLEASE do not read it if these things are going to upset and/or trigger you. 

I’m very excited to start this new project. I’m very excited to become my narrator through this blog. It will be something totally new, but very exciting for me.

(I’m putting it in the Wattpad stories tag for the sake of easy reference for you guys.)

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